Magis Media

Multimedia, Information and Communication Technology Services

Magis Media is a non-profit multimedia, information and communication technology organisation [with a focus on using] that uses innovation, creative imagination and technology to provide quality multimedia service [in a bid to respond to a lacuna in response to our society. It will serve as a bridge interfacing aspects of human experiences, religion and culture, society and politics, information technology and human existential reality.

We facilitate access to digital data services for schools and organisations in the area of:

While also offering consultancy services in the area of:

ICT & Cybersecurity Consultancy

Our Clients

Arrupe Jesuit College, Abbi

What makes Magis Media Special

Magis Media distinguishes itself in pricing excellence, integrity, efficiency, quality and competency in its service delivery having at its core the value of holistic human development and fostering societal interpersonal relationship growth.

Our Projects